Hello, my name is João Ribeiro and I am a minimalist, blogger, investor, crypto and digital markeeter.

Despite some controversial financial moments, in 2019 I decided to reinvent myself. Some good weeks after good and bad ideas, and lots of personal learning, theportugueseman was created.
Why create this blog? Writing and showing another perspective of what our society is (about) living, is what at this moment brings me great pleasure.
It will be a small personal reflection in the various categories that I present, adding facts, thoughts and some tips. Now, the “no’s”:
I do not want to change anyone. I just show you a recipe, mine, that can change someone’s happiness or sense of life; It’s up to you (yes, I’m talking to you!) to discover the recipe that fits your lifestyle.
You must not be afraid to show your scars. It is they who define you; As soon as you do that, you have a motive and more willingness to prepare your recipe for happiness.
I am not your guru. I’m here to have fun, talk about me, what I do, what I like … deep down I’m sharing my life. But attention! I will not fail to share the best tips I have learned that I still learn.
We are constantly learning. I want to help you through this Blog to pursue your dreams and define your goals.